Home office. Guest room.

The brief - Create a cross functional work space with a calming and welcoming environment.

The chosen result. A nordic-inspired retreat to fit an illustrator’s lifestyle perfectly. A tranquil, calm space which works equally well for drawing, relaxaing and entertaining over night guests. The wall mural sea of trees brings the outside in, and pairs beautifully with the natural paneled wood floor. It’s a room blessed with lots of natural light and this is flawlessly complimented. A statement hairpin work desk, of a good size with it’s slick steel legs is in fitting with the room . An earthy, dark grey, clean line sofa bed - greenery for warmth and texture, combined with the geometric pastel hue accessories wrap up the space perfectly.

Products listed; Kato Sofa Bed @Habitat, Hairpin Desk @Etsy, Sea of trees @Murals wallpaper.com, Art prints by Avenue @Etsy, Accessories @H&M Home. Shelf @Made.